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Chin Surgery

There are many men and women who have retrusive, or under projected chins. To get a balanced face, people undergo chin surgery. Often, as people age or gain weight, they face the problem of a double chin. In reality, it is not a chin problem, it is due to excess fat around the neck and the chin, which seems to look doubled up as it is just above the neck. This is often due to heredity, or an unhealthy lifestyle. A double chin that is caused by heredity is tough to remove by merely exercising. The other cause is fat accumulation when you gain weight; your body loses tissue elasticity. To get rid of the double chin, have an edgy jawline and a balanced face formation, Chin Liposuction is done at Enhance Clinics in Delhi.

Chin Liposuction Surgery

For Chin Liposuction Surgery, surgeons make a small hole in the lower portion of the chin where accumulated fats are present. A special solution is poured inside the gap which infuses the fat tissues. After this, the tissues are removed with the help of hollow tubes called cannulas. The removal is done using the vacuum aspiration technique in which negative pressure is created and pulls out the extra fat. The hole or incision formed is then sutured with a fine thread, leaving no scars behind. Post-surgery, patients are advised to wear a chin strap for three to four weeks.

Chin Augmentation

For a better balance of facial features, a chin augmentation can be a great option. This is done to enhance or reshape the size of your chin. It is done by inserting implants or moving the bone of your chin. It helps in building a better profile. In this procedure, you can donate your own bone from your ribs or pelvis. You will see a dramatic difference after the augmentation is complete.

In some cases, results can be seen instantly, but in most cases, the best results can be seen two to three months after the surgery and after the swelling and edema is gone. Enhance Clinics is the best name in this field and you will see guaranteed results. The equipment available for these surgeries is highly-advanced and the team of doctors performing them is highly reliable.

Chin liposuction surgery is best done at Enhance Clinics, and get the best Chin Surgery in Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon, Mumbai, Lucknow, Kolkata and Dehradun. All the doctors who perform this surgery are highly-educated and experienced. They make sure every patient gets the best attention and leaves completely satisfied.


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