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Derma Rollers

You can get rejuvenated skin and a scar-free face by using a derma roller at Enhance Clinics. The rollers are used for a treatment known as skin-needling, or micro-needling. It is a kind of therapy for collagen induction that is gaining popularity every day in Western countries. The usage of the derma roller is highly-popular in various parts of Asia where skin needling was practiced in ancient times. It is a different kind of treatment for skin as compared to wrinkles, acne scars or stretch marks. In this procedure, there is no damage or removal of the epidermis layer of the skin. If you are thinking of using derma roller, then you must visit Enhance Clinics. The doctors at our clinic are experienced and can help you with this procedure successfully and with noticeable results.

Using a derma roller increases the absorption of hair and skin products by 4% to 87%. There are blocked pores that increase hormones effectively and in a natural way without inducing sun-sensitivity or hyper-pigmentation to your skin. It also improves blood supply to skin, scalp, neck and face as well as throughout the whole body. These rollers are easily used and compact, as well as portable. Its powerful independent treatment makes it cost-effective and reliable. It can be used for general line and wrinkles in the forehead, areas with hyper-pigmentation such as the hands and cheeks, acne scars and other purposes.

The best results for using a derma roller treatment can be seen at Enhance Clinics. You can also visit our branches in Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Noida, Lucknow, Gurgaon and Dehradun.

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