Failed Hair Transplant Repair

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Failed Hair Transplant Repair

Hair transplant can occur due to many reasons like a technical failure by the surgeon or due to the flop surgical methods used. There are many clinics for hair transplantation but not everybody has the full knowledge or experience to provide you with the hundred percent satisfactory results for natural growth. Correcting the scalp hair transplant is a challenge because there is a reduction in the donor area also hairline design gets affected and scarring is caused due to the method used previously. Other factors that might be associated with failed hair transplant are that the doctor or clinic doing the transplant surgery is not efficient. Enhance Clinics is the best for Failed Hair Transplant Repair Services in Delhi at an affordable cost.

There are many ways for failed hair transplant repair like

  • Body hair could be used as Donor area because the original Donor area gets depleted
  • FUT scarring on the backside of your scalp can be repaired with the help of scalp micro pigmentation
  • If you have hampered your frontal hairline then it has to be redesigned by extracting the wrong hair grafts with the help of an FUE technique and by relocating them.

The probable reasons behind failed hair transplant-

Hair graft used could have dried as it might have been exposed to air for more than 10 to 20 seconds the tiny grafts are at a much greater risk of damage and drawing this could happen during following conditions

  • If the grafts are not immersed in the solution directly after the graft is extracted
  • The graft that has been trimmed might have taken a long time
  • While shifting graft from one area to another
  • During the implantation of the graft

If the graft is stored for a longer period of time then also there is a higher risk of damaging it

It takes some time to move grafts from the solution to the recipient area hence if the grafts are not taken out properly then also it might get exposed to air and may damage the final result.

Only an expert knows how to place the graft, hence, one should have a very steady hand which comes only after years of experience.

If the graft is implanted deep then required or if the graft is placed above the perfect layer of the scalp it may cause infection of hair follicles.

The techniques used in failed hair transplant repair are:

  • Follicular unit extraction

Follicular unit extraction involves the placement of follicular grafts from the donor site to the recipient area. This is a method in which slits are made and leaves no trace of a scar and heals pretty fast.

  • Direct hair transplant

This is the latest technique in which hair follicles are extracted one by one from the donor area and then implanted into the recipient area. This technique involves the use of f u e and f u t both and results in more natural and healthy-looking hair.

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