Fat Transplantation

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Fat Transplantation

You can now easily and successfully get your Fat Transplantation in Delhi by getting your surgery done from Enhance Clinics. The doctors here are highly experienced and skilled who carry out such surgeries efficiently giving a satisfying result to the patients. Fat transplantation or transfer is a procedure used for correcting any kind of irregularities in your skin such as depression on the various areas of your body or wrinkles and deep furrows on your face. With the help of this procedure, your face is re-contoured and body or facial deformities are corrected. It also helps in enhancing various areas of your body such as chin, cheeks, calves, and buttocks.


For fat transfer, local anesthesia is induced in both the donor as well as the recipient site, i.e., area from where fat is taken and the area which is to be treated. A syringe is injected into the donor site that has thick fat layers such as the thigh, lower stomach or buttocks. The fat cells that have been drawn in the syringe are purified and then are re-injected in the site of the recipient. This process is repeated until the required amount of fat is transferred...

In Enhance Clinics, depending upon the body structure of a patient, the procedure is carried out. We are a trusted name in the medical segment and have many branches located in cities like Dehradun, Lucknow, Noida, Delhi, Kolkata, and Mumbai

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