Why Choose Enhance Clinic
Why Choose Enhance Clinic

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Why Choose Enhance Clinic

Hair loss is a widely spread issue that people from all across the globe face. There is no specific age as hair loss can be natural as well as a resultant of climatic conditions or incidental accident. Even hereditary biological factors can be a cause of hair loss. Lost hair cannot be regained but hair restoration is a completely factual marvel. 

Dr. Manoj Khanna is a renowned celebrity Hair Transplant & Cosmetic-Plastic Surgeon in India. He has conducted various hair restoration procedures on well-known cricketers, commentators and Bollywood personalities. He is the Founder and Chairman of the Enhance Clinics in India. Enhance Clinics is the fastest growing chain of Hair Transplant, cosmetic surgery & dermatology clinics that are widely spread across 14 locations in India. Dr. Manoj Khanna also aims to open up more and more Hair Transplant Clinics to enable the technology to reach the rural regions in India. 

The word enhance means to heighten or make something better. The Enhance Clinics in India constantly strive to improve in value, quality, desirability and attractiveness. International patients like to opt for Enhance Clinics as they consistently review and ameliorate their services in the arena of Hair restoration; especially Hair Transplant procedures including pre-surgery and post-surgery healthcare. Dr. Manoj Khanna has developed a team of specialist Hair Transplant surgeons that have an enriched experience in the field of hair restoration procedures. Besides the usual scalp hair restoration, they also perform eyebrow, beard and moustache restoration procedures. The Enhance Clinics is a well-established medical institution that caters to all Hair Transplant demands of international patients.

PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) treatment is a fairly new technique practiced globally to accelerate the growth of implanted hair post a Hair Transplant surgery. Enhance Clinics have the capability to amend the technicalities involved in complex surgeries. If the need so arises, the Enhance Clinics in India have doctors specialised to perform PRP treatment as a pre-surgery as well as a post-surgery procedure. 

Availability of experienced and specialised doctors is definitely imperative for international patients. Further, they also look for affordable and hygienic boarding and lodging facilities near to their trichology clinic so that they can ask for medical support as and when required. International patients may not look for budget costs of their complete medical trip but definitely do not compromise on a healthy environment with educated support staff. India as country does have friendly people but international patients do need guidance in day to day matters that can be handled by a medical counsellor only. All these needs of international patients are catered to at the Enhance Clinics in India.

Enhance Clinics have an educated and friendly support staff that works along with medical counsellors to facilitate resolutions for international patients of Hair Transplant surgery. From registration to final surgery to post surgery healthcare and stay arrangements, international patients find all support under one roof at the Enhance Clinics. A number of international patients have provided testimonials that accredit the goodwill of the Enhance Clinics in India.

Thus, international patients are attracted towards Enhance Clinics in India for all their hair restoration issues.

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