Cosmetic Dentistry

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Cosmetic Dentistry

You can now improve your dental appearance by getting Cosmetic Dentistry in Delhi at Enhance Clinics for an affordable price. Cosmetic dentistry is generally dental work that helps improve the appearance of your teeth and gums. The procedure involves the addition of dental material to your teeth and gums such as gum grafts, bonding, crown (caps) and porcelain veneers (laminates). It also includes tooth whitening, tooth reshaping, odontoplasty and sculpting, dental bridges, veneers, gum lift, and bite reclamation. The materials used for the procedure of cosmetic dentistry are porcelain or composite materials that give the appearance of a real tooth. All the materials are thoroughly tested and are safe to use.

Along with improving your appearance, our dentists also focus on diagnosing, preventing and treating oral diseases and oral hygiene. With the development in technology, we have upgraded ourselves. We use absolutely natural-looking dental material in tooth colour. You can also get various other procedures done such as filling cavities with tooth-colored materials, closing gaps between teeth, covering your broken teeth with porcelain crowns, bleaching to make your tooth look whiter, reshaping unmatched teeth and repairing rough spots or chips with filling that matches your teeth. Here at Enhance Clinics, we make sure that the treatment given to patients is effective and satisfactory. The results of cosmetic dentistry can be seen soon after the procedure.

You can fix your dental problems by getting Cosmetic Dental Surgery from the various branches of Enhance Clinics located in Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon, Dehradun, Rourkela, Lucknow and Mumbai

Enhance Clinics offers painless, advanced dental treatments by specialists where the treatment plan, estimated cost and time of the procedures is explained to every patient before commencement to achieve bedazzling smiles and excellent oral health.

Endodontic/Root Canal Treatments

At Enhance Clinics, we offer single sitting root canals with the help of rotary Endodontic technologies. The use of such hi-tech technologies has enhanced the precision and accuracy of the root canal treatments. We make use of the latest X-ray technology (RVG), which helps to reduce radiation for patients up to 80% and makes the treatment child-friendly as well. It also facilitates a high-quality digital image that is easy to analyse and process.

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