Lodging & Accomodation
Lodging & Accomodation

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Lodging & Accomodation

Lodging refers to the renting of a short-term dwelling; a place in which one lives or stays temporarily. International patients need to travel and stay away from their home for a hair fall treatment or a Hair Transplant surgery for a few weeks to a couple of months. They need lodging for stay, rest, food, safety and shelter from cold/ hot/ rainy weather conditions. They also require storage for luggage and access to common household furniture that must be neat and hygienic.

The lodging and accommodation for international patients must be near the hospital, clinic or trichology centre where the Hair Transplant is planned. Besides medical counsellors, the Enhance Clinics in India, have staff who are in regular contact with agents who can help find a suitable accommodation for an international patient. 

Lodging and accommodation for international patients is also available as a complete apartment with basic furniture, kitchen and other needful appliances like washing machine and refrigerator. Short term leased space is available and can be renewed on similar terms and conditions, if so required. 

Besides being within vicinity, entertainment and communication mode must also be available at a lodging accommodation for an international patient. The apartment must also have a regular housekeeper to keep the place neat and clean as the patient’s scalp can be prone to infections. The Enhance Clinics in India provide support staff with business contacts to ensure immediate lodging facilities. Some lodging accommodation may also have four-wheeled vehicle and driver facility for ease of commuting for international patients and their families accompanying them. 

Neat and hygienic place of stay within reach of the clinic enables the international patient to concentrate thoroughly on the treatment and not spend time and energy on day to day issues. International patients also seek support in their preferred language; apartments with multi-lingual neighbours are preferred by international patients, to interact with them and their family members. Enhance Clinics in India can also facilitate human translators to ease communication with an international patient.

Both patients and their family/ friends companying them, require to be comfortable during the stay. Enhance Clinics in India have dieticians and other para-medical staff that can assist them to find the required grocery around their lodging apartment. Accompanying family and friends may also require short recreational trips around the city where the Hair Transplant of an international patient is planned. This can also be facilitated for international patients via the travel desk arrangements at the Enhance Clinics in India.

Besides being within their budget, international patients will need a safe and secure place of stay. It is imperative as they can be misguided if they look here and there for food, taxi or any other requirement. An apartment within a locality that has 24 hours guard facility can be expected to be safe and secure for international patients.

International patient can rely on the staff at the Enhance Clinics in India to cater to all their needful and specific requirements pertaining to lodging and accommodation during their stay in the city for a Hair Transplant surgery. This includes pre-surgery as well as post-surgery stay arrangements. 

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