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Faqs Cosmetic Surgery

A pleasant appearance can open doors to new opportunities whereas unattractive looks may find the same avenues closed. People elect to have cosmetic surgery to improve their appearance, thereby increasing their self-esteem and confidence.

What is the difference between Cosmetic Surgery and Plastic Surgery ?

Cosmetic surgery is performed for aesthetic reasons, whereas plastic or reconstructive surgery is usually performed for medical reasons.

You should know that physicians may call themselves plastic surgeons even if they were trained in a nonsurgical specialty. Anyone who has a medical license can call himself or herself a surgeon, even if he or she has no formal training in surgery.

Some of these physicians without plastic surgery training may perform cosmetic surgery in their offices, but do not have privileges to perform these procedures at an accredited hospital.

Physicians like Dr.Manoj Khanna, who are trained in plastic surgery, and board-certified by the ABPS, may also perform cosmetic surgery procedures in their offices. However, these trained and board certified plastic surgeons will also have hospital privileges at accredited hospitals. you should ask about and check on your plastic surgeon’s credentials and hospital privileges before undergoing any treatment or surgery. It is important that your doctor has hospital privileges to perform the proposed procedure, even in-office procedures. Hospitals give doctors privileges to do procedures that fit under their training guidelines.


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