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Good personal hygiene is important for both health as well as social reasons. It entails keeping hands, head and body clean so as to stop the spread of germs and illness. Personal hygiene benefits the health of the individual and impacts the life of those around the individual, too. 

In the context of a Hair Transplant surgery, one can relate to hygiene as a condition or practice conducive to maintaining health and preventing disease or infection, especially through cleanliness and medication. 

  • Toilet hygiene: It is extremely important to wash hands after use of the restroom or the toilet. Dirty hands may touch the transplanted area and can be very much prone to infection.
  • Shower hygiene: Personal preference may dictate how often one wishes to shower, but most people will benefit from a rinse at least every other day. In the case of hair transplant, the specialist doctor will advise on when and how to take shower.
  • Nail hygiene: Nails are the most important part of the hands as they come in contact with almost everything one touches. A hair transplant patient is required to keep short and clean nails and absolutely avoid scratching which is very impulsive post the surgery, especially when regrowth of hair begins.
  • Teeth hygiene: An equally important area to maintain hygiene as what one eats is chewed by the teeth and thereafter swallowed. Regular brushing with appropriate advised pressure is required to be maintained for the said period post the Hair Transplant surgery.
  • Sickness hygiene: God forbidden, if one falls sick post the hair transplant surgery, due to common cold or a bacterial or viral infection, this must not be ignored. Proper medical review and consultation of the specific doctor must be taken as soon as possible to ensure that infection does not pass on to the implanted hair area.

Habits such as washing hands, bathing, brushing and flossing may all seem monotonous and boring, but they all come under important personal hygiene when we talk about a medical treatment like hair transplant. Keeping personal hygiene will ensure that one feels good about oneself; it also keeps the international patient free of bacteria, viruses and illness.

Enhance Clinics in India stress upon the need for personal hygiene both for the doctor as well as the patient. Even support staff is required to maintain personal hygiene and any complaint relating to the same is dealt with seriously. The social benefits associated with personal habits of international patients are also considered at the Enhance Clinics. Since it involves washing one’s body every day and caring for oneself, it reduces the chances of body odour and thus, any chances of embarrassment during the hair transplant surgery.

Germs and dirt can cling to clothes that are worn by the doctors, support staff and the patients. At Enhance Clinics, washed and sanitised clothes are provided to the patient. As a daily routine, doctors and support staff are also required to change into the sterile coats and uniform provided from the clinic itself. Enhance Clinics takes special care to ensure germs and impurities are removed from each corner of the clinic. If an accompanying family member is sick, the doctor may even ask them to refrain from coming in contact with the patient until recovery.

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