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5 Reasons For Hair Loss in Women: Be More Considerate Next Time

  • By: Enhance Clinics
  • 2020-05-01
5 Reasons For Hair Loss in Women: Be More Considerate Next Time

As a woman, we tend to love our hair a lot and use various products to maintain them. Losing some hairs on a daily basis is completely common and is not necessarily a cause of concern. But if the hair loss is more than usual that is happening regularly you have to take a closer look at the health of your hairs and also check on your diet. In some cases, hair loss can be due to the person’s hereditary traits so there is no need to panic. Here are the 5 reasons for hair loss in women.


Deficiency of proper nutrition

Our body is designed in such a way that it gives warning signals to us when something is not right with our diet. Hair loss can be one of the symptoms of your body lacking essential nutrients such as iron, niacin, or other important vitamins. A proper blood test is necessary to diagnose the correct reason for the loss of hair in a person. Consult a doctor for vitamin supplements if the reason is nutrition deficiency.


Certain Medicines

If you are under some medication there is a high possibility that you are experiencing the side effect of any tablet resulting in hair loss. Medications prescribed for one ailment interacts and alters the functions of other parts of the body. It benefits one part whereas can also bring unwanted changes. This can be temporary as the hair loss will stop once you discontinue the medicines. If the problem persists you should consult your doctor to know the reason behind your hair loss.


Stress and fatigue

If you are someone who is under a lot of stress due to your work or other reasons your stress can take a toll on your hairs. Your hairs will differ from your stress by falling off so make sure you practice meditation and try to stay calm. Putting your body through a lot of physical work can also be a reason for sudden hair loss. Remember to take it slow when it comes to work and do not test your health.


Using a lot of heat

As a woman, we love to play with our hairstyles a lot and in that process, we do heat styling for getting straighter or curlier hairs. All the heat damages the hair and weakens them, no amount of good products will restore the health of your hair. You must use serums to protect your hair from damage while applying heat to it. 


Tighter hairstyles

Tight ponytails are a trend but this can lead to thinning of hairs over time. You should avoid wearing your hairs in tighter hairstyles for the sake of your hairs, 
If nothing seems to work you can opt for hair loss treatment for women and consult an expert who will be able to help you get back your original hairs. You can also make sure you consider the reason listed above and try to stop the hair loss all by yourself.

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