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The Cost Of Hair Transplantation In India

  • By: Enhance Clinics
  • 2020-10-14
The Cost Of Hair Transplantation In India

Hair is one of the first & the most significant aspects that will enhance the personality of the person for gaining confidence. However, a majority of the people are suffering from hair loss lately due to lots of several reasons. So, the best solution that people can help you gain your confidence is hair transplantation. It is the surgical treatment where the surgeon will remove the hair from one part of the scalp and graft it to the thinner part. There are different types of techniques with a hair transplant like FUR, FTU, DHR, etc. As these are expensive treatments, you need to ensure the cost of the treatment and how suitable it is for having dense hair. Here is the list of various factors that determine the cost of the treatment.

Area of the transplant

The area where you want to get the hair transplant will hold the crucial place when it comes for the hair replacement. Usually, the basic cost of the regular hair transplant will be less when compared to hair replacement in the face.

Number of grafts

This is the other crucial factor that you should consider to have the cost of the treatment. When the number of grafts increases, you need to pay more for the treatment. However, the total number of grafts required will be determined based on the quality of the hair transplant in the scalp. For people who have thin and silky hair, they should have more grafts to cover the area and have more hair.

Look for the number of sessions

It is the vital factor to determine the cost of the treatment. If the required number of graft is more in number, the number of sessions also will increase. As a consequence, the cost of the treatment will also increase.

The health of the patients

When you are healthy, the hair transplantation is easy for the surgeon. If you are suffering from issues like blood pressure, sugar fluctuates, it is the challenge to the surgeon, and this automatically increases the cost of the treatment. Though you cannot control all the health issues, you can make some changes to control the health issues. Seek help from the medical professionals, and they will help you to regularize the health condition.

Type of hair transplantation 

FEU is an advanced method of the hair transplant, and so the cost of this treatment is high when compared to the other hair transplantation treatments. When you need more grafting, you may need to pay more for the procedure.

Know the means of extraction

The robotic means of extraction is considered to be an advanced procedure, and it is one of the treatments that will increase the cost of the procedure. Generally, you can expect this procedure only in the advanced clinics that deal with the latest equipment and techniques of hair transplantation.

The bottom line

So, these are the common factors that will determine the cost of the hair transplantation in India. Thus, ensure you know the right procedure and follow all the factors for the healthy hair transplantation to have successful results.

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