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What are the Popular Types of Hair Transplants

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  • 2019-12-03
What are the Popular Types of Hair Transplants

If you are going to get a hair transplant done, it will do you good to know a bit about the different types of transplants that are done in practice today. On papers, there are quite a few kinds, but in practice, there are only two procedures that have grown to be trusted. These two are the FUSS and FUE methods of hair transplant. Practiced across India and the world over, these two hair transplantation procedures have gained ground since the early days of transplantation. So, before you go under the knife, here is some brief information about the two procedures that the Best Hair Transplant Doctor in Delhi does.

FUE or Follicular Unit Extraction

FUE is the less intensive of the two. It involves preparing the back of the scalp which is usually the chosen donor site by shaving the hair off. Hair follicles are then extracted from this site, one at a time. Just when enough hair follicles have been collected to cover up the bald sites, the follicles are transplanted piece by piece. In this procedure, the speed of recovery is very high. The donor site heals pretty fast and pretty well. Although one can still notice small dots in the areas where the extractions have been done, those get covered up as soon as a new hair starts to grow. 

The process in its entirety takes no longer than 8 hours in the hands of the best hair transplant surgeon in Delhi. For less extensive cases, it can even be done in as short a time as 4 hours. FUE being less invasive has a much lesser chance of complications. Post-operative pain, bleeding, and scarring are minimal with this procedure. For better extraction, surgeons often choose to draw follicles from more than one site. That prevents anyone part of the scalp to be too fully affected. 

Please note that the FUE technique of transplant, as short and result-oriented as it is, is also more expensive of the two.

FUSS or Follicular Unit Strip Surgery 

The second kind of technique that is popular for hair transplants is FUSS. A pretty invasive technique, this one involves surgical removal of strips of skin from the donor sites. The hairiest parts of the scalp are chosen for this extraction. Once strips are extracted, the opening is sealed surgically. Hair from the surrounding areas of the scalp covers up the scars fully in the next few months of undergoing the procedure.

These grafts are then sectioned into tiny bits and strategically implanted in the areas where the hair is thin or absent. After all the grafts are relocated to their right spots, the wounds are closed and bandaged up. 

The full cost of the FUSS technique depends on the number of grafts relocated. For a patient who needed a few grafts, the cost is normally low. Some clinics working with the best hair transplant doctor in Delhi offer a flat rate for all patients which works out cheaper for those with larger areas of coverage. 

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